Social 8 Specialty Cocktails

Raspberry Surprise $8

Redberry Ciroc/ Orange Juice/ Grenadine/ Sprite

Social Swizzle $8

Bacardi Silver/ Bacardi Gold / Orange Bitters/ Pineapple Juice/ Orange Juice

Young Professional $11

Hennessy/ Blueberry Simple Syrup/ Mint/ Lime Juice/ Ginger Beer

Jack of All Trades $11

Jack Daniels/ Pina Colada/ Pineapple Juice 

Life of the Party $11

Patron/ Triple Sec/ Simple Syrup/ Sour/ Orange Juice/ Jalapeños

Twisted Bliss $10

Hennessy/ Amaretto/ Sour/ Grenadine

Honey Bee $9

Beefeater Gin/ Lemonade/ Honey Simple Syrup

Straight Shooter $11

Bulliet Burbon/ Honey, Ginger, Lemon Simple Syrup